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‘Bearers of witness to Truth for the sake of Allah’

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Bismillah iRahmen iRaheem

Asalaamu Alaykum Wa Rahmetuallhi Wa Baraketahu

Since my most recent blog post commenting on the fog of war surrounding the conflict in Anbar province, the situation in the media and online has got increasingly worse. More and more fake stories have spread through both social and mainstream media.

From the miraculous coup of an interview between Sydney’s 3AW radio with Omar the Chechen (they not only got in contact with a man who has never spoken to Western media before, they also apparently taught him English overnight!) to the story of tIS burying children alive in Mosul (using pictures of children buried by Assad’s barrel bombs), much of the truth of the situation was obscured by clouds of bad research and propaganda.

What I’m looking to discuss is what we can take from this, beyond the startling reality that militant Islamists are apparently far better at correcting false stories than veteran Western journalists (as was shown by the flurry to correct a photoshopped image of tIS fighters near a dam in Iraq).

What I’ve taken from this situation is how important it is to challenge falsehood wherever it is found, including within our own causes.

There seems a reluctance amongst many of our brothers and sisters to correct the propaganda directed at tIS for fear of being taken as a Dawlah sympathiser. Posts regarding the ‘mistakes’ in coverage are often accompanied with a caveat ‘but I don’t support them, just so you know’.

I strongly believe that we should not feel the need to do any such thing. As Allah says in the Qur’an, An-Nisaa Verse 135:

Believers! Be upholders of justice, and bearers of witness to Truth for the sake of Allah, even though it may be against yourselves or against your parents and kinsmen, or the rich or the poor, for Allah is more concerned with their well-being than you are. Do not, then, follow your own desires lest you keep away from justice. If you twist or turn away from (the Truth), know that Allah is well aware of all that you do.

With the usual caveat of my lack of authority in tafsir aside, I think that what is remarkable about this verse is its relevance to this discussion. The ayaat asserts the universality not just of ‘justice’ but also ‘truth’. It is, amongst other things, a clarion call for the assertion of truth wherever it is found, regardless of who that truth benefits.

The desire to correct these falsehoods does not imply any support for tIS, but rather it can illustrate a desire to carry out God’s command in the verse above.

Futhermore, this ayaat instils in me something of the fear that we should have when spreading such things, and the diligence that should accompany it.

A Shaykh once accounted to me the joy that one can get from turning simple daily things into acts of worship. He spoke about how one could, merely eating a piece of watermelon, do so with the intention of the emulation of the Messenger of Allah (sullAllahu alayhi wasalaam) and in turn make the simple act of taking sustenance into something that brings one closer to God.

Spending a few minutes checking a story, with the intention of fulfilling the above surah, may well have the same effect. The desire to confirm truth, to counter falsehood, with the intention that it is for God, has the potential to benefit any of us greatly, insha’Allah.

Learning and teaching that, to me, is of far more benefit than any point by point rebuttal of this source or that story, though as an aside, in confirming the truth or falsehood of these things google image search is your friend.

I make dua that truth becomes clear from falsehood and we are all given provision and means in the struggle to distinguish between the two.

I pray this finds you all in the best of health and iman.