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Bismillah iRahmen iRaheem

Asalaamu Alaykum Wa Rahmetullahi Wa Bareketahu πŸ˜€


The spawning of this blog represents the accumulation of my years within the Muslim community, and will initially undoubtedly mainly contain my frustrations and no short amount of ranting. So I apologize in advance.

I love our Ummah, but sometimes we seem to shoot ourselves in the foot. We are presented with a myriad of problems as a world community, Muslim countries are riddled with problems of poverty, corruption and social injustice. Our nations are occupied, our people exploited and the access of the generality to justice in politics and the law severely limited.

Yet, amongst all these issues, we seem to focus upon a few things, none of them important. If it is not Nike making shoes with the name of Allah on the soles, it is the Jews spreading Mosque confusion propaganda. So the purpose of this blog is to call to sagacity, for, as I was told upon my conversion ‘sagacity leads to Allah’.

The intended audience of this blog is you brother, you sister, you frustrated sceptical Muslim or convinced Tinfoil Turbanist. I want to look into these apparent conspiracies and confusions that riddle our community’s understanding of the world and ask if they are truly what we should be worried about.

In this I should probably give my background. I am a 24 year old Muslim from Sydney, Australia. My given name is Will, and a few people choose to call me Zahir. I have studied History and Politics, and continue to do so.

When it comes to justifying the tagline of my blog, ‘the Ravings of a Sceptical Muslim’ I will say this; the tagline is not oxymoronic. In this dunya (the contingent reality we experience) a Muslim can take a sceptical approach. In fact in many ways my stance is driven by my understanding of Muslim ideas of knowledge.

The Messenger of God (sullAllahu alayhi wasalaam) frequently tells the believers to seek knowledge, to seek wisdom.

‘Seek knowledge, even if it takes you to China’

‘Seeking knowledge is an obligation upon every Muslim’[1]

It is my understanding that in this sense as Muslims we should avoid holding beliefs about the world which are not only demonstratively extremely unlikely, but that actually harm us as a community. It is with the intent to uphold this that this blog begins. I pray that I am given success in this, I testify that there is nothing worthy of worship save Allah, and I send peace and blessings upon our Master Muhammed, His final slave and Messenger. And Allah knows Best

[1] These hadith have different gradings according to different scholars, my point in quoting them is as a general impetus I have understood, rather than some foolish attempt to make a statement upon the law, which is beyond me. I am no scholar and please never take me as otherwise. I will attempt to refrain from making any stances on sectarian issues in this blog, as that is not its purpose, but for the purpose of disclosure, I am a Sunni Traditionalist, I follow the Shafi’i Madhab and Ashari Aqidah.


12 Responses to “Greetings!”

  1. I wanted funny stories not a manifesto!

  2. First comment woohoo!

    Salams πŸ™‚

    I look forward to reading more about your ideas about the place of “scepticism” in Islam today. Sometimes I am reluctant to ask questions about religion; we are not really encouraged to question the set establishment.

    Speak more about this supposed paradox between religion and scepticism!

    Maybe you can shed some light on things.

    And don’t post once every 6 months! People will start sending you hate mail (trust me I know haha).


    • Walaykum Salaam Akhi πŸ˜€ I am not really talking about scepticism in relation to religious claims. More about scepticism in terms of conspiracy theories, pseudo science and other such things πŸ˜€

      Haha. I have one post in the works for tomorrow or Sunday insha’Allah. So hopefully not once every 6 months! This is less about scepticism within Islam than it is about scepticism amongst Muslims πŸ™‚

  3. Brother,
    How can you waste your time with such a task when the powers of darkness are marshalling their forces to kill our ummah through such things as ‘vaccines’ and ‘anti-corruption initiatives’!
    Wake up and smell the hummus! The end is nigh!!!


    Keep it up Will, I’ll be reading this as regularly as you post to it, inshAllah πŸ˜‰

    • Haha πŸ˜€ Seriously bro, there will be posts EXACTLY like that if it ever gets popular, you know how it is, you can’t parody a crazy position without someone taking it for a legit position πŸ™‚

      I’ll try and keep it up, at least til BF3 comes out πŸ˜›

  4. h7a h7a h7a ya3ni brezzer. zis is funny blog. i am ramzi from egypt. that is g like you say in gold not g as in gestation. gettit? πŸ™‚

  5. Awesome Blog! Looking forward to more posts, and posts about bears. Perhaps it is time that we start a petition to grant me diplomatic immunity in this country. But I like you. Please write more. I will read.

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